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Replacement Tank for Protexus & Victory Backpack Sprayer

Replacement Tank for Protexus & Victory Backpack Sprayer

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  • REMOVABLE EASY-FILL TANK: The Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer Backpack Replacement Tank has a generous 2.25 gallon capacity, letting you clean up to 23,000 square feet without refilling (based on nozzle setting and surface material). It is recommended that user purchase a second tank to wash out cordless electric static sprayers. Identical to VP31, compatible with VP300ES.
  • MAINTENANCE-READY: A second tank is perfect to keep on-hand for the safe keeping your Protexus Sprayer squeaky-clean: it is recommended that users purchase a second tank to wash out cordless electric static sprayers and prevent residual solution build up. Simply allow warm, soapy water to run through the sprayer after every few days of use.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: The tank is made of high-density poly propylene to resist chemical degradation. Compatible with our PX300ES Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer which combines our handheld electrostatic sprayer with a lightweight backpack allowing for greater cleaning capacity while maintaining the same effective mobility.
  • WHY PROTEXUS?: Cordless electrostatic spraying technology brings new 360-degree touchless cleaning capabilities to cleaning teams across all industries. The electrostatic charge of the sprayer allows the droplets to attract to the surface rather than float in the air, as is typically associated with a mister or fogger.
  • NEXT GENERATION SOLUTIONS: Gone are the long cleaning schedules, harsh chemicals, and bulky products. With the most powerful and reliable charge available, the EvaClean Protexus Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer is a way to build a safer, healthier world at a lower cost. You’ll notice that our products don’t look or feel like traditional disinfection and cleaning solutions, but you’ll also notice that they work in less time with fewer steps and greater coverage.
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