Responsible Solutions to Real-World Challenges.

Fearless Innovation.

EarthSafe has a long history of innovating leading-edge cleaning and disinfection solutions for healthcare, business, and industry. When we first created the EvaClean Infection Prevention Solution, many of the products never existed before, such as electrostatic sprayer technologies and safer disinfectant chemistries. What began as breaking new ground soon became wide-scale adoption.

Work Smarter.

You’ll notice EarthSafe’s solutions don’t look or feel like other products in similar categories. It’s not just about “building a better mousetrap,” it’s about developing more effective ways to solve tough challenges. While introducing new innovations and transforming entrenched traditions is not for the faint of heart, we remain resolute in our commitment to helping the world work smarter. Our scope of solutions continues to expand to meet the increasing needs of industry and the growing demand for consumer products that deliver professional-grade performance.


Ultimately, our job is to make your job easier. Not only does EarthSafe develop products that serve a purpose, but products that achieve a purpose in the most responsible way possible. Driven by evidence-based science, our purpose-built solutions get the job done more efficiently, effectively, and economically but without compromising safety or sustainability. After all, we are EarthSafe.

Solution Source.

Over the last decade, EarthSafe has established client relationships with leading institutions across diverse industry sectors including hospitals and long-term care communities, school districts and universities, military branches and municipalities, hotel chains and manufacturing giants, builders, major airlines, and the list goes on. Today, EarthSafe has evolved into the direct source for innovative solutions to real-world challenges for businesses and consumers. Discerning customers trust EarthSafe to deliver product advancements that are as responsible as they are revolutionary.