Boat engines & Hulls:
Keep engines running longer.

Marine growth and scale can be problematic to recreational boats and fishing vessels. Everything is so hard to clean; many engine parts are virtually inaccessible. Uncleaned, the engine can die. Now, with EarthSafe, every millimeter is easy to clean. With safe, nontoxic biodegradable liquids that keep things running smoothly, longer.


Smarter chemistries.
Safer solutions.
Industrial grade performance.


Marine Scale:

Save time and money with EarthSafe Marine Descalers. Faster than by hand. More effective than most hard acids. New chemistries with industry leading performance…Safe, nontoxic, biodegradable. With the power to perform – without compromise.


Concrete Cleaning:

Faster. The equipment cleaner – without damage to sensitive metals. EarthSafe Concrete Descalers. Dissolve cement without harming what’s under it. Safer for your equipment…your staff…the environment. Non-toxic, biodegradable. With the power to perform.


Industrial Scale:

Maximize efficiency of boilers & HVAC systems. Cut costs. EarthSafe Industrial Descalers. Fast. Easy. Cost-effective. Protects your equipment. Safe, nontoxic, biodegradable. With the power to perform industrial tasks – without compromise.


Toxic Mold:
Gone Forever

Keep your people safe from mold. Quickly. Cost-effectively. Permanently. EarthSafe Protexus. Protects people and housing from mold. Fast. And forever. Safe, nontoxic, biodegradable. With the power to perform.


Mold Infestation:
Gone Forever

After a disaster, mold is the enemy. Make homes safe gain. Faster – and permanently. EarthSafe Protexus. Protects people and homes from mold fast. With a unique chemistry that keeps mold gone forever. Safe, nontoxic, biodegradable. With the power to perform.



Boating/Fishing Vessels

For 8-80’ boats, EasthSafe Descalers have changed the very nature of removing scale and growth, the most costly, time-consuming problems faced by boat owners and mechanics. EarthSafe’s nontoxic, biodegradable liquids can clean every millimeter of a boat engine, fast.



We understand that marine growth and scale removal are some of the most costly and time consuming problems faced by todays ship owners and operators. EarthSafe Marine Descalers change that. They are safe, nontoxic and biodegradable. They are powerful alternatives to harsh acid.



EarthSafe Concrete Descalers are designed to aggressively remove the hardened concrete deposits left on your equipment, while protecting the integrity of your equipment, the safety of your crew – and eliminating regulatory concerns that come with acid cleaning



Offer your clients a unique new benefit: buildings protected from mold from the day of construction – and warrantied mold-free for 25 years. It’s easy to deliver mold-free buildings with a proactive, permanent solution: EarthSafe Protexus. Added benefit for your clients. Added profits for you.


Industrial Boiler / HVAC

Scale buildup on critical building infrastructure can cost businesses millions in added energy and equipment costs each year. EarthSafe Industrial Descaling System turns an expensive, hazardous problem into a fast, easy, cost-effective process.


Institutional & Public Housing

One of the many ongoing health hazards that plague institutional and public housing: mold. Keep people safe with a proactive, permanent solution: EarthSafe Protexus. It’s a uniquely safe, nontoxic, moisture-activated coating that solves the problem, completely.



Mold. Bacteria. If they infect your property and your guests, you face serious liability and public relations issues. EarthSafe Protexus protects your property – and your guests – from mold and bacteria. It eradicates fast. And it works long-term.


Disaster Recovery & Remediation

When disaster strikes, one of the most urgent and immediate issues is mold remediation. Until now, there has been no way to make homes safe from mold permanently after an infestation. Now there’s EarthSafe Protexus – which solves the mold problem fast – and forever.


EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives

Smarter chemistries. Safer Solutions.
Industrial Grade Performance.

EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives is the first company to offer truly viable alternatives to harsh industrial chemicals, with a line of safe, nontoxic, biodegradable products that deliver power, performance and safety. No tradeoff.

All of EarthSafe’s products are driven by extensive research into real-world need. Each of our chemical alternatives has been made possible by cutting-edge science and technology. Each is designed to be environmentally friendly without reducing performance. All represent the new benchmark in solving industries’ dirtiest, most challenging problems.

Most important, all of EarthSafe’s products are powerful enough to solve the toughest industrial problems faster, more effectively and more labor/cost efficiently than previous solutions.

Modernize your company. EarthSafe gives you the power.

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Case Study

EarthSafe XScale Marine Descaler

The power of EarthSafe XScale was measured against traditional mechanical descaling methods on board the US Naval Ship Fisher (T-AKR301). Brass butterfly sea valves ranging in size from 3" to 26" in diameter were submerged in EarthSafe XScale to remove 3"-thick deposits of calcified marine growth from the valves. Time to clean and total job cost were then compared against cleaning mechanically…

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FlashDry Testimonial:

“ We deal with spills on the track and in the garage almost daily. We’d used clay or cat litter type products to clean spills for years but they always took forever to work and even then left plenty of residue behind afterwards. For a racetrack, that’s not just inconvenient, it’s dangerous. FlashDry has completely changed the way we handle spills now. It’s quicker, cleaner, lighter and more convenient to use than clay and we end of using much less to get the job done. Spills are cleaned up like they never happened and it keeps my drivers safer on the track. ”

Karen Quast, General Manager F1 Boston

Protexus Antimicrobial System Testimonial:

“ I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Protexus Anti-Microbial system. We have tried the Protexus Matrix in many different restoration situations and found it to be extremely beneficial as a malodor preventative and as an antimicrobial during the structural drying process. I have found it to be far superior then some of the well-known brands out there. ”

Andrew Reaid, Operations Manager
New Age Restoration & Coatings Inc.

XScale IG Testimonial

“ Scale buildup on the inside of a boiler can be a real problem for building owners. It can ruin the equipment or drop efficiencies to levels that increase energy costs by tens of thousands of dollars per year. Despite the costs associated with scale buildup, many building owners neglect to clean their equipment as often as they should because of the time required to disassemble equipment and take it offline. For a fouled up boiler, this could take days. XScale was the fastest performing descaling solution we’ve ever tried. It allowed us to do the job faster, cleaner and better than mechanical tools and the recirculating pump kept the equipment online during cleaning. No more expensive downtime. My customers are happier and we’re able to keep their boilers in better shape than ever before. ”

Jim Caudle, President New England Air