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Coir Absorbent - 5 Liters

Coir Absorbent - 5 Liters

FlashDry swiftly absorbs spills without leaving a trace.

  • For oil, paint, grease and more
  • Non-toxic & 100% organic
  • Easy to use
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Super Spill Absorbent, 100% Organic Environmentally Friendly – for Oil, Paint, Grease, and More

Revolutionize messy industrial spill cleanups with FlashDry. No more slow, messy clay absorbents. Made from 100% organic coconut coir, FlashDry swiftly absorbs spills without leaving a trace. It’s dust-free, non-toxic, and safer for your employees and the environment.

Choose the right size

FlashDry 50L bag is perfect for high-volume spills and messes. Made for industrial workers, and facility managers who work in warehouse, factories, facilities, airports, and schools where machinery can leak and bigger spills occur and can impact business.

Our 5L is small but packs a punch of absorbency in a smaller, lighter and convenient reusable bucket. Perfect for both commercial and residential users who might need something handy for garages, homes or small businesses.

How to use

1 - Surround spill edges with FlashDry, working towards the middle until liquid is completely covered

2 - Wait several minutes. Sweep the FlashDry back and forth into the spill with a stiff broom until liquid is absorbed

3 - FlashDry can be placed in a bucket and reused until fully saturated, or swept into a bin or bag to discard.

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Quick & convenient absorbent products for every type of spill

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Better than Clay

FlashDry is revolutionizing the way messy industrial spills are cleaned. For decades there has been little innovation in industrial spill cleanup. The most common product used today is clay absorbent. Using clay absorbent is slow, messy, heavy, difficult to store and transport and worst of all can be hazardous to your health and the environment.

Safer for People

FlashDry is safer for your employees with its dust free and non-toxic composition. FlashDry helps create a safer working environment for your team so they can quickly get back to work after a spill.

100% Organic

Organic all-natural industrial spill solution made from coconut. FlashDry quickly absorbs spills, leaves no mess behind and gets you back to work immediately. It is made of coconut coir and research has found that it is one of nature’s natural wonders for its ability to quickly absorb any liquid.

Safer Around Food

FlashDry is an organic all natural product and is certified food safe with the NSF Nonfood Compounds Program listing (J1) #152371. Ideal for use in environments where food is present.

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