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Absorbent Spill Mat

Absorbent Spill Mat

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Flashdry Absorbent Spill mats trap and contain spills of all types, protecting surfaces from stains and messes. The charcoal black color seamlessly blends into any style.

  • For oil, paint, grease and more
  • Use anywhere - Trim, cut and place
  • Easy to use

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- USE ANYWHERE: Easily customizable. Just measure, cut, and trim to place the mat under cars, garage equipment, in drawers as liners for tools, inside car interiors to capture pet dirt and fur or drips and spills from whatever you’re transporting.

- WATERPROOF BACKING, SLIP-RESISTANT: The waterproof layer stops oil, paint, brake fluid, gasoline, coolant, and salty water and prevents these liquids from soaking through to damage or stain the surface below. The slip-resistant backing helps keep the mat in place.

- DURABLE AND REUSABLE: The FlashDry mat is made of an absorbent polyester fiber and can contain any spill. This material is reusable and extremely durable.

- EASY TO CLEAN: The FlashDry absorbent surface spill mat is very easy to clean. When your mat gets dirty, simply scrub with soap, hose off and hang dry. Do not bleach.

How to use

1 - Measure the area you want to cover

2 - Lay out the mats. If you have special size requirements, you can cut the mat with regular scissors

3 - The FlashDry Mat will stop liquid seeping through

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Trap spills, leaks and drips

Perfect Size

FlashDry Absorbent Mats are 36″ x 60″. You can easily combine or cut them to fit any area you want to cover.

Slip-resistant, waterproof Backing

With a waterproof backing, these mats effectively stop liquids from seeping through and damaging surfaces. Slip-resistant design ensures they stay in place, providing maximum protection.

Easily Customizable

FlashDry Absorbent Mats can be easily trimmed to your desired size without fraying, simply measure and cut with regular scissors.

Use Anywhere

Avoid costly repaving or repairs with these versatile mats that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Perfect for garages, driveways, under vehicles or equipment, as shelf or cabinet lining, even in pet areas to absorb accidents and keep dirt and fur at bay.

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