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Multipurpose Disinfecting Tablets – 3.3 Gram

Multipurpose Disinfecting Tablets – 3.3 Gram

EvaClean’s compact, concentrated PurTabs dissolve quickly in ordinary tap water to produce a disinfection and sanitizing solution that delivers accurate strength every time.

  • Hospital-grade disinfectant
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Easy to use
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PurTabs can be paired with our Electrostatic Sprayers to easily disinfect entire rooms in just under 4 minutes.

EFFERVESCENT TABLET TECHNOLOGY: Keep sanitation simple and eliminate “measure and pour” guesswork. Our EPA-registered tablets dissolve quickly in ordinary tap water to form a disinfecting solution that kills dangerous pathogens and is NSF D2 certified safe for food contact surfaces (no rinsing required – always follow usage label instructions).

STREAMLINED, SIMPLIFIED SANITATION: Say goodbye to cluttered maintenance closets! Powered by NaDCC, our single chemistry solution keeps the whole cleaning process incredibly simple and eliminates confusion around what to use when. Standardize your processes and eliminate many of the challenges faced in programs that still juggle with mops, buckets, wipes, rags, and spray bottles with a multitude of chemistries each with their own unique usage guidelines, dwell times, and safety procedures.

ADVANCED VERSATILITY: PurTabs are a broad-spectrum disinfectant formulated to work in tandem with the complete EvaClean Program, including the touchless Protexus Sprayer, EvaClean Wipes, and the OnePro Mold Remediation Kit so you can customize, refine, and redefine what “clean” means for your workers and your facilities.

ECO- AND PEOPLE-CONSCIOUS EFFICACY: EvaClean PurTabs are safer to use, safe to dispose of, more versatile and effective than bleach, and better for the environment. NaDCC retains chlorine longer than bleach and exerts a more prolonged bactericidal effect without the burning, corrosive toxicity of bleach. It’s even safe on many fabrics, and the minimal chlorine scent dissipates quickly after application leaving a “clean” or “sterile” smell.

A SAFER WORLD IS ONE SPRAY AWAY: Gone are the long cleaning schedules, harsh chemicals, and bulky products. EvaClean is a way to build a safer, healthier world at a lower cost. You’ll notice that our products don’t look or feel like traditional disinfection and cleaning solutions—but you’ll also notice that they work in less time with fewer steps and greater coverage. At the end of the day, we’re not working just to keep spaces clean—we’re working to protect and save lives.

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Small tablet, big results.

hand holding single PurTabs tablet

Convenient, Reliable Concentration

PurTabs Effervescent tablets simplify eliminate the need for measuring and pouring. Our EPA-registered tablets dissolve quickly in tap water to create a variety of solution strengths from sanitizing food prep areas to high-level sporicidal disinfection. Powered by NaDCC, this single chemistry solution streamlines the cleaning process, removing the confusion of using multiple products with varying guidelines and safety procedures

Touchless Disinfection

PurTabs are formulated to work in tandem with Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers for touchless disinfection and sanitizing that covers 3x more surfaces in 80% less time than traditional methods, providing infection control experts and cleaning teams with powerful and highly effective cleaning capabilities.

spray bottle of PurTabs on food prep counter in kitchen with NSF D2 logo

Food Surface Sanitizing

PurTabs are NSF D2 certified sanitizer for food contact surfaces to effectively eliminate harmful pathogens on food contact surfaces and equipment that needs no rinsing. PurTabs 334mg tablets dissolved in 32 oz. water is all you need for a quick and reliable sanitizing solution that eliminates a range of dangerous food-borne pathogens in one minute.

hand holding cup of water with NSF certified logo

Packable Water Disinfection

PurTabs provide reliable protection against waterborne pathogens such as salmonella, staph, E. coli, and listeria, ensuring clean and safe drinking water while camping or in emergency situations. With a remarkable 5-year shelf life, PurTabs are an essential part of emergency preparedness. One box of PurTabs 334mg tablets can disinfect up to 250 gallons / 1000 liters of water!


What technology powers PurTabs?

The primary technology is NaDCC (sodium dichloroisocyanurate), a fast-acting biocide that dissolves in water to release hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HOCl is effective at killing microorganisms and has unique properties that make it more effective than hypochlorites, with extended killing power and superior performance that does lose potency once in contact with organic contamination.

How do PurTabs compare to bleach?

PurTabs offer an alternative to bleach. They efficiently retain chlorine for longer durations, ensuring a prolonged bactericidal effect. With a neutral pH, PurTabs provide a gentler and safer solution that won't harm surfaces or dull finishes.

What's the scent after using PurTabs?

Minimal chlorine scent that quickly dissipates, leaving a "clean" or "sterile" smell.

How do EvaClean products influence regular cleaning schedules?

EvaClean products significantly simplify and expedite cleaning routines. By eradicating the dependence on harsh chemicals and cumbersome products, they pave the way for a more efficient, safer, and effective cleaning approach.

Why are PurTabs an excellent fit for EvaClean electrostatic sprayers?

PurTabs are specifically formulated to swiftly dissolve in tap water, producing a consistent disinfection solution. This homogeneous solution, when used with EvaClean electrostatic sprayers, ensures uniform coverage and optimum disinfection.

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