Fight spills and leaks on the race track and in the garage with superior absorption

Every aspect of a racing event, from track conditions to the equipment, plays a critical role in the well-being of drivers and spectators alike. Among the myriad of safety measures, the effective management of spills and leaks on the track is a fundamental concern.

  • Rapid Absorption

    FlashDry Coir Absorbent is engineered to absorb liquids on contact.

  • Versatile

    Suitable for a wide range of fluids encountered in the car racing industry.

  • Non-abrasive

    Soft texture makes it non-abrasive, preventing damage to vehicles

  • Eco-friendly

    This absorbent is derived from biodegradable natural coconut coir fibers

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How to use FlashDry for your racing team

Liquid absorption is vital in four key areas: Track Maintenance, Emergency Spill Response, Pit Stops and Post-Race Cleanup.

Create optimal track conditions

Prior to racing events, track personnel can strategically distribute FlashDry Coir Absorbent in high-risk areas prone to spills, such as corners and pit lanes. This proactive approach helps mitigate potential hazards and ensures a clean racing surface for optimal traction and performance.

Prevent accidents and minimize disruptions

In the event of a fluid spill during a race, rapid response is crucial to minimize disruptions and safeguard participants. Racing crews equipped with FlashDry Coir Absorbent can swiftly contain and clean up spills, allowing the race to resume promptly while maintaining safety standards.

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Eradicate fuel spills during Pit Stops

During pit stops, where fuel and fluid exchanges are common, FlashDry Coir Absorbent can be readily available to address any accidental leaks or spills. Pit crews can deploy the absorbent material to swiftly contain and neutralize fluids, reducing the risk of slippery surfaces and ensuring a smooth operation.

Speed up your clean up

After the conclusion of a racing event, FlashDry Coir Absorbent can simplify cleanup procedures by absorbing any residual fluids for quick track maintenance and preparation for subsequent events.

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