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  • Keeps my home germ free!

    Love this stuff so much! It works and is safe to use on everything. Because it’s used by hospitals it helps keep my home germ free! It has a clean smell, like I’m using bleach but without the harsh chemical smell. I cannot recommend this enough!

    - Jennifer K. on PurTabs

  • This absorbent is a game-changer!

    Being eco-friendly and made from natural coconut husk is a huge plus. Versatile, silica dust-free, and with impeccable packaging great for storage. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an effective and eco-conscious solution for spills.

    - TK on FlashDry Coir

  • Keeping my Garage Floor Clean

    I use this mat to put under project vehicles that I know leak. I am very particular about my garage and I don't like oil stains from seeping vehicles so this mat is a great solution. This mat does it's job and keep my floor clean and drip free. 5 stars for quality and value.

    - Dave on FlashDry Mat

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About Earthsafe

EarthSafe has a long history of innovating leading-edge cleaning and disinfection solutions for households, businesses and public institutions.

Ultimately, our job is to make your job easier. Not only does EarthSafe develop products that serve a purpose, but products that achieve a purpose in the most responsible way possible. Driven by evidence-based science, our purpose-built solutions get the job done more efficiently, effectively, and economically but without compromising safety or sustainability. After all, we are EarthSafe.

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