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Spill Absorbent Pads - Marine

Spill Absorbent Pads - Marine

  • For oil, paint, grease and more
  • Use anywhere - Trim, cut and place
  • Easy to use
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How to use

Simply place the mats where you want to prevent liquid spills or drips. For smaller areas, you can also separate each pad in the middle.

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Versatile, dimpled and designed to tackle a wide range of spills, leaks, and drips

See Them in Action!

Selective Soaking Technology

Crafted with 14 layers of MeltBlown polypropylene, our pads expertly repel water while soaking up oil and oil-based fluids, ensuring precision cleanup.

Versatile Efficacy

Whether tackling spills on hard floors or water, FlashDry Pads deliver fast, efficient absorbency, ensuring top-notch performance across all surfaces.

Unsinkable Design

These pads are engineered to stay afloat, even when fully saturated with oil, making them reliable partners in any spill situation, on any body of water.

Visible Cleanup Indicator

With their bright white color, FlashDry Pads make it easy to spot and track spill control progress, ensuring a thorough cleanup and peace of mind.

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