Disinfect and sanitize entire rooms in under 3 minutes.

Apply your cleaning solution quickly and easily with the Protexus Sprayers. Cover 3x the surface area of traditional cleaning.

The Electrostatic Advantage

360° Cleaning

Featuring a precision-engineered 60-micron nozzle, charged particles seamlessly wrap around surfaces with a magnetic precision. This unique process ensures that even hidden and hard-to-reach areas receive thorough disinfection, leaving no space untouched.

Pair with PurTabs

Hospital Grade Disinfection

Trust the dynamic duo that goes beyond conventional cleaning — empowering you with a hospital-grade solution for a safer, healthier environment.

Unchallenged Efficiency

Covers Entire Rooms in Under 3 Minutes

The Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer outperforms traditional methods in both ease of use and efficiency. Continuous spray powered by 16.8V batteries ensures a full room disinfection in just 3 minutes!


Handle High-Traffic Spaces

Our handheld Sprayer is intended for use in a wide array of spaces such as hospitals, kitchens, gyms, cars, beauty salons, malls, bathrooms, clinics, office areas, or locker rooms.

  • Michael Kann, Associate Director Food and Beverage, Boston College Dining Services

    BC Dining was looking for a better solution to sanitize customer touchpoints than the bleach soaked wipes. After months of looking, we found EvaClean. (...) Besides being safer, a key benefit of PurTabs is its multi-purpose flexibility. And because the sprayers save so much time over wiping and rinsing, we can sanitize and disinfect more often.

  • Jason Givens, Facilities Director, Logan County Schools - Kentucky

    We have been using our Protexus sprayer for the last several months in seven of our school buildings. Last week our city schools had to close their doors for four days because their numbers were down from the flu. Our county schools did not close down, and I think it is because we are using the Protexus sprayer in our school system.

  • Alex Davis, Planet Fitness Aurora, Membership Services

    The machine is super easy to use, my overnight custodian uses it every night. Members who have seen us use it love the extra mile we are taking to keep the gym clean. I notice in the mornings the locker rooms smell a lot more clean.

  • Joseph Finn, Former Boston Commissioner, Chief of the Fire Department

    The more I learned about EvaClean, the more benefits I could see from using the best technologies and safer disinfectants to mitigate pathogens in firehouse settings. The biggest benefit was reducing the loss of critical man-hours when emergency personnel get sick.

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