FlashDry Testimonial:

“ We deal with spills on the track and in the garage almost daily. We’d used clay or cat litter type products to clean spills for years but they always took forever to work and even then left plenty of residue behind afterwards. For a racetrack, that’s not just inconvenient, it’s dangerous. FlashDry has completely changed the way we handle spills now. It’s quicker, cleaner, lighter and more convenient to use than clay and we end of using much less to get the job done. Spills are cleaned up like they never happened and it keeps my drivers safer on the track. ”

Karen Quast, General Manager F1 Boston

Protexus Antimicrobial System Testimonial:

“ I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Protexus Anti-Microbial system. We have tried the Protexus Matrix in many different restoration situations and found it to be extremely beneficial as a malodor preventative and as an antimicrobial during the structural drying process. I have found it to be far superior then some of the well-known brands out there. ”

Andrew Reaid, Operations Manager
New Age Restoration & Coatings Inc.

XScale IG Testimonial

“ Scale buildup on the inside of a boiler can be a real problem for building owners. It can ruin the equipment or drop efficiencies to levels that increase energy costs by tens of thousands of dollars per year. Despite the costs associated with scale buildup, many building owners neglect to clean their equipment as often as they should because of the time required to disassemble equipment and take it offline. For a fouled up boiler, this could take days. XScale was the fastest performing descaling solution we’ve ever tried. It allowed us to do the job faster, cleaner and better than mechanical tools and the recirculating pump kept the equipment online during cleaning. No more expensive downtime. My customers are happier and we’re able to keep their boilers in better shape than ever before. ”

Jim Caudle, President New England Air