Marine Products / XScale Marine Descaler / USNS FISHER (T-AKR 301)


USNS FISHER (T-AKR 301) Length: 954 feet

THE PROBLEM: Barnacle and Scale Buildup on Valves

Crew had been removing barnacle and scale buildup on the cooling system valves by hand at a rate of 2 hours per 3“ valve to 16 hours for the larger 26” valves pictured here. Using our Naval approved XScale Marine Descaler, we were able to conduct a test on the USNA FISHER, which was docked in Corpus Christi, TX and transported to Boston Ship Repair for maintenance and inspection.


For a comparative test, valves were dipped in EarthSafe Xscale Marine Descaler solution at room temperature with no recirculation until scale was completely removed.


The results were complete scale removal on the 3” valves in 30 minutes (75% faster) and complete scale removal on the 26” valves in 2 hours (88% faster) with zero corrosion or harm to any valve components.

Total time, labor and materials expense for the job was lowered by over $20,000 as a result of using EarthSafe Xscale for scale removal. At the end of the job, the spent solution was safe and approved for disposal into the local sewer system.