Industrial / EarthSafe AlūMax

EarthSafe AlūMax Safety & Performance

EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives uses state-of-the-art technologies to design critical cleaning products that save you time and money on every job.

  • Cleaning is one of the most expensive, difficult problems in industrial boiler maintenance.
  • This cleaning is particularly challenging when sensitive metals are involved – like aluminum, polished aluminum, copper and stainless steel – metals now appearing throughout many boiler and HVAC systems.
  • Left unattended, scale damages critical equipment, increases fuel costs and results in costly maintenance and downtime.

We’ve set the standard for acid replacement technologies by offering powerful alternatives to harsh acids that deliver performance, speed and safety with a clean environmental profile that is expected, if not required, by today’s regulators.

Alūmax is a patented formulation designed to deliver the most perfect blend of performance and safety available in a descaler. It’s ideal for use in descaling operations where safety and ease of use are paramount – but where performance relative to traditional acids is still a must.

Alūmax outperforms most organic acids on calcium-based scale, without fumes or odor. It’s safe of use on all common metals, including aluminum, polished aluminum, copper and stainless steel. It is the only acidic technology that can be shipped nonregulated via air, marine and ground transportation. So delivery to job site is never a concern.

Alūmax is a Designed for the Environment and Green Seal approved product. It is phosphate-free, contains no VOCs and is biodegradable per OECD 301D.

When removing touch scale on sensitive metals is the task, Alūmax is the clear, safe solution.

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