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Case study

Odor Elimination


A Restoration company in Atlanta, GA. was converting a large fish market into a restaurant. The company did the interior demolition, stripping it down to the studs and beams. However, years of built up fish oils and residue had permeated the floors, studs and beams rendering the space virtually unusable. They tried to eliminate the odor with several commercially available cleaners, deodorizers and bleach. None of them worked and the odor persisted. The client company was considering canceling the project if the odor remained.


The Restoration company's janitorial supply company was a distributor of EarthSafe Protexus and having several previous successes with combating odor in athletic facilities, fire restoration and decomposition situations. He was confident that Protexus would do the job. Protexus was sprayed on all surfaces, walls, studs, floor, ceiling and exposed beams.


The building was left to dry overnight. When the crew arrived in the morning they opened the door to a clean fresh smelling building. The Protexus' unique ability to penetrate wood, got to the source of the odor and eliminated it. Protexus' long-lasting polymer binder will keep the active ingredients captive on the surface of the film providing odor free protection for years to come. The restaurant was completed on time and is open to this day.