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Case study

Mold Removal & Prevention


A home in the Northeastern United States was occupied by elderly residents who were moved into nursing home care. The home was not closed properly, causing pipes to burst and various leaks to go unattended. The home remained in this condition for over a year. Our customer made an offer to purchase the home and had it inspected. The inspection revealed mold was present not just in the areas you could see but behind every wall and on all of the framework. Demolishing the home was recommended as no one would guarantee they could eliminate the mold completely and insure the safety of anyone living there in the future. Without a viable solution, mold would have been responsible for the demolition of an $800,000 dollar home. That was not a good option as the home was sound other than the mold.


EarthSafe worked with the contractor and a professional mold remediation company following IAQ guidelines , to decontaminate and mold proof the property. All sheetrock and floors were removed. The two-step Protexus System was employed. The entire frame structure, walls and floors were first cleaned and disinfected with our Protexus Stain Remover and Surface Prep, followed by spraying the entire exposed structure with Protexus mold and microbial inhibiting coating. The home was then tested for mold. All mold and it's associated odors were eliminated.


The home was saved and renovations have begun. Over 98% of the original structure was left intact saving the builder thousands of dollars in materials and labor.

“This was a great property and we really wanted to bring it back to its original glory. No one would guarantee complete mold removal until we found EarthSafe's products on the web. They sent a technician to look at the property and worked closely with our contractor and mold remediation specialist to ensure all protocols were followed. What we ended up with is a clean, mold-free environment that is on it's way to a great renovation”.

M. Grealish
Phoenix Holdings