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Case study

Mold & Mildew Prevention


A major Southern University had locker rooms and a sauna located adjacent to a saline pool. Mold growth was rampant in both locker rooms and sauna. The mold was so thick on the sauna floor it was removed with a shovel. The condition required closure of the sauna and professional mold remediation on a weekly basis costing thousands annually. In an attempt to control costs and ensure the safety of the students the University sought a more permanent solution.


The Protexus Antimicrobial System was introduced to the facility manager through his cleaning supply vendor as an extremely safe, long-term solution. The affected areas were thoroughly cleaned with the Protexus Cleaner & Disinfectant and Protexus Matrix was applied to all walls, lockers, floors and ceilings.


With the introduction of Protexus into the University cleaning regimen and quarterly application, the mold problem was eliminated with no reappearance or regrowth over the eight month test period. The pool and sauna was a safe mold free environment and cleaning costs were reduced by thousands of dollars.