Construction Products

EarthSafe Protexus

The most complete antimicrobial system available today. The EarthSafe Protexus System is the first of its kind to eliminate mold, bacteria and odors while also delivering safe, effective, lasting protection against the problems occurring again.


EarthSafe XScale CF

Our most powerful descaling chemistry, made even stronger – but still safe – for builders and contractors, XScale CF provides a nontoxic alternative to harsh acids – a safe solution that works up to 90% faster than mechanical methods.


EarthSafe FlashDry Hazmat/Spill Cleanup

Most spill kits are made of clay ‐ toxic, heavy, ineffective. Now, you can choose a safer, organic, more cost-effective spill cleanup solution with six times the absorbing power of traditional clay-based products. EarthSafe FlashDry: all-natural…works instantly…landfill safe.