Cement Products

EarthSafe XScale CF

Our most powerful descaling chemistry – specially formulated for cement/concrete cleaning, XScale CS provides a nontoxic alternative to harsh acids – a safe solution that works up to 90% faster than mechanical methods. It makes cleaning equipment faster, easier and much more cost-effective.


EarthSafe AlūMax

A powerful concrete cleaner with aluminum brightening capabilities, AlūMax is safe to use on sensitive metals. On aluminum, copper and stainless steel, it delivers performance on par with harsher chemicals ‐ and with an environmental and safety profile far exceeding anything else available.


EarthSafe FlashDry

Most spill kits are made of clay ‐ toxic, heavy, ineffective. Now, you can choose a safer, organic, more cost-effective spill cleanup solution with six times the absorbing power of traditional clay-based products. EarthSafe FlashDry: all-natural…works instantly…landfill safe.