Institutional and Public Housing

Mold/Bacteria Remediation

One of the many ongoing problems that plague institutional and public housing: mold and bacteria.

  • They can render spaces toxic – even deadly.
  • They can cause respiratory diseases and neurological conditions.
  • Mold grows everywhere.
  • And once mold starts to grow, it’s very difficult to eliminate.
  • Bleach and other harsh chemicals can eliminate the “bloom” – the visible growth of the mold.
  • But they have no effect on the mold spores, which continue to grow, bloom and emit toxins.
  • Until now, there has been no long-term solution to a mold infestation, no long-term protectant for bacterial borne illnesses, no lasting solution.

Institutional and public housing authorities are challenged to ensure the health and safety of their residents and guests.

EarthSafe Protexus can help eliminate mold and bacterial problems for good. And if a residence does become infested with potentially toxic mold, EarthSafe Protexus protects the residents, eradicating the mold problem quickly – and forever. Colleges/universities and housing authorities can be confident that a building treated with EarthSafe Protexus will be safe from harmful mold and bacteria, not just now but for the long-term.

Now, you have a way to keep them safe with a proactive, permanent solution: EarthSafe Protexus.

It’s a uniquely safe, nontoxic, moisture-activated coating that solves the problem, completely. It’s based on new technologies that allow us to create smarter chemistries – and safer solutions. A regular program of EarthSafe Protexus will keep your residents safe and you worry-free.

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EarthSafe Protexus
– the only long-term remediation for mold, a safe, nontoxic solution