Disaster Recovery

Protecting residents from mold and bacteria

When disaster strikes, what are the most urgent and immediate issues that need to be addressed? Saving the integrity of homes. Protecting residents from mold and bacteria. Absorbing spills of all types. EarthSafe has focused much of its resources on solving these problems, which are paramount in disaster recovery and remediation.

Mold/Bacteria Remediation

So often, disasters involve storms – hurricanes, tornadoes, floods… Water, water everywhere. And where there is water, there is mold. Saving the integrity of homes and other structures – and returning people to safe housing ‐ constitute the #1 priorities in disaster recovery. Water damage and mold growth can occur quickly and require rapid response. And once mold takes hold, it grows everywhere. Much of it is toxic…poisonous…even fatal. It has been associated with chronic lung conditions and neurological illnesses. EarthSafe Protexus can prevent mold infestation from ever beginning. And if a home does become infested with potentially toxic mold, EarthSafe Protexus protects the residents, eradicating the mold problem quickly – and forever. Home-owners, contractors and housing authorities can be confident that a building treated with EarthSafe Protexus will be safe and mold-free, not just now but for the long-term.

Hazmat/Spill Cleanup

It’s a simple fact: after an emergency, spills are everywhere and cleanup procedures are heavily regulated. Unfortunately, most spill kits use clay, which is heavy, difficult to remove – and contains carcinogens. EarthSafe offers a simple, safe solution: EarthSafe FlashDry. Natural, safe, nontoxic and biodegradable, FlashDry has six times the absorbing power of clay, and its unique capillary system is so effective at containing liquids that it’s approved for safe landfill disposal of oil spills (always check with local authorities). FlashDry is lightweight, self-contained and NON-DOT regulated. And unlike clay-based absorbent, it is derived from coconuts – with no health hazards at all. It’s safe for your people, your environment. And it’s easier and more cost-effective than old-fashioned clay spill kits.

EarthSafe FlashDry – safe, all-natural hazmat/spill cleanup that’s lightweight, easy to use and cost-effective

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EarthSafe Protexus
– safe, nontoxic, biodegradable synthetic that solves mold long term
EarthSafe FlashDry
– safe, all-natural hazmat/spill cleanup that’s lightweight, easy to use and cost-effective