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If you build it, mold will come. That’s almost literally true. Mold can grow anywhere there’s moisture. And there’s moisture virtually everywhere.

If you build single-family homes, multifamily housing or any building where people, equipment or inventory could be damaged by mold, you now have a powerful new benefit to offer: buildings that are mold-free, long term, from the day of construction.

EarthSafe Protexus is the solution. EarthSafe Protexus is a unique chemical alternative.

  • It’s safe, nontoxic, biodegradable.
  • It keeps residents and staff safe from mold.
  • Mold can be toxic – even deadly.
  • It can cause respiratory ailments and neurological disorders.
  • Included in the construction plan, Protexus prevents a mold infestation of a building from Day 1.
  • It keeps it safe – long-term, with biological availability activated by the very moisture the mold seeks for growth.

Until now, there has been no way to build a mold-free building. And if a building has become mold infested, there has been no effective way to solve the problem long term.

Now, there’s EarthSafe Protexus, a unique product…a unique benefit for a construction contractor.

It’s a uniquely safe, nontoxic, moisture-activated coating that solves the mold problem, completely. It’s the result of years of formulations, using new technologies to create smarter, safer chemicals. Now, it’s available to contractors as a new benefit for their clients – and a unique new profit opportunity for their companies.

  • Let us help you plan how to use EarthSafe Protexus throughout the building.
  • Treated with EarthSafe Protexus, the building should never be subject to a mold infestation.
  • If mold ever does appear, a quick treatment with Protexus eradicates the bloom and the spores – keeping the mold from reappearing, long-term.

EarthSafe Protexus – the only long-term remediation for mold, a safe, nontoxic solution

Concrete removal/equipment cleaning

Cleaning hardened concrete deposits left on your equipment is one of the great challenges of the industry.

There’s a fine line between cleaning your equipment with a powerful chemical solution – and damaging the very equipment you’re trying to clean.

  • The toxic chemicals that have been used for cleaning concrete equipment can corrode the equipment.
  • They are also dangerous for your staff.
  • And, increasingly, regulations make their use difficult and expensive.

EarthSafe solves the problem, with smart, safe chemical alternatives.

EarthSafe’s line of safe, nontoxic concrete cleaners has been formulated around a broad range of needs in the concrete industry.

  • EarthSafe Xscale CF line was developed to clean the most difficult concrete deposits from the interior and exterior of machinery, tools and equipment. The days of using hydrochloric acid to remove mortar and concrete from your trucks are over. Now, you can do it cleanly, safely and effectively with EarthSafe Xscale CF.
  • For jobs that require cleaning more delicate metals like aluminum and stainless steel or removing silicates from concrete surfaces, we developed EarthSafe AlūMax, the safest concrete cleaning technology available. AlūMax’s patented formulation was developed to retain many of the aggressive performance characteristics of Xscale while at the same time being safe to use on delicate metals like aluminum, chrome and stainless steel. It carries our safest environmental profile and is the ONLY descaler of this potency certified to travel by road, rail, air or sea. Its unique aluminum brightening capabilities will also restore your trucks’ aluminum parts back to their original new shine.

EarthSafe’s concrete cleaning formulations are powerful enough to outperform the harsh chemicals they replace. And like all EarthSafe products, they are safe, nontoxic and biodegradable.

Our concrete formulations can also be used in:

  • Precast Concrete Plants
  • Paving Stone Manufacturing Plants
  • Cement Plants
  • Concrete Etching
  • Paving Stone/Retainer Wall Cleaning (retail)
  • Brick Cleaning (mortar)

EarthSafe XScale – our most powerful marine descaler

EarthSafe AlūMax – a gentler descaler that is safe for the integrity of equipment made of sensitive metals

Hazmat/Spill Cleanup

It’s a simple fact: spills happen everywhere. Cleanup procedures can be heavily regulated. Unfortunately, most spill kits use clay, which is heavy, difficult to remove – and contains carcinogens. EarthSafe offers a simple, safe solution: EarthSafe FlashDry. Natural, safe, nontoxic and biodegradable, FlashDry has six times the absorbing power of clay, and its unique capillary system is so effective at containing liquids that it’s approved for safe landfill disposal of oil spills (always check with local authorities). FlashDry is lightweight, self-contained and NON-DOT regulated. And unlike clay-based absorbent, it is derived from coconuts – with no health hazards at all. It’s safe for your people, your equipment, your environment. And it’s easier and more cost-effective than old-fashioned clay spill kits.

EarthSafe FlashDry – safe, all-natural hazmat/spill cleanup that’s lightweight, easy to use and cost-effective

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EarthSafe Protexus
– the only long-term remediation for mold, a safe, nontoxic solution
EarthSafe Xscale CF
EarthSafe FlashDry
– safe, all-natural hazmat/spill cleanup that’s lightweight, easy to use and cost-effective